Mausoleum Chapel:

  • Established a unisex handicap friendly restroom in the Mausoleum Chapel
  • Converted the other restroom into a janitorial supply room
  • Painted Mausoleum Chapel
  • Replaced the entrance doors, east doors and the ceiling in the Mausoleum
  • Installed door between the Mausoleum Chapel and Mausoleum
  • Replaced damaged cross outside the Mausoleum Chapel

Haider Chapel:

  • Tuck pointed the Haider Chapel
  • Replaced the rain gutters and downspouts, and painted the exterior trim
  • Placed a plaque honoring Father Haider at the entrance
  • Repaired a portion of the floor in the Chapel that collapsed

Other Projects Completed:

  • Rebuilt the garden outside the maintenance office – built by a volunteer
  • Painted office and attached restroom
  • Replaced furniture in office – donated by Wells Fargo
  • Wall sized cemetery map including water lines in the office – donated by Sonntag Plumbing
  • Constructed a new locked information sign at the office – Constructed by Volunteers
  • Resurfaced two cemetery roads
  • Flagpole and lighting installed outside the office – donated by Veterans
  • Meters installed to measure water usage   – Required by the city
  • Repaired the water line and reestablished the water supply to the west end of the cemetery
  • New computer software and hardware installed to locate all the occupants of the cemetery
  • Reconstructed 8th street driveway entrance
  • Replaced 3 damaged storm sewers
  • Installed markers identifying sections – installed by volunteers
  • Continue to remove dying trees, and replant as necessary
  • Lighting improvements around the outside of the chapel and Mausoleum
  • Improved berm around the office building


  • Replace two of the three wooden crosses outside the Mausoleum
  • Asphalt roads as needed
  • Improve the interior of the Haider Chapel
  • Lift, repair and straighten Monuments and Markers
  • Level cemetery grounds